Anyone have experience with terra orbs?

Hi there - considering getting a terra orb (far in the future) for an adult upgrade for a ball python. Not planning to do any breeding but would like a nice enclosure that looks good. They look fairly simple to put together and have some thoughtful touches you can add (like the heatmat cutout). Just wondering if anyone has tried (even if not with snakes, they have plenty of models that look suited to chameleons, geckos, beardies, etc too)

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I spoke with them at the STL NARBC. I really though the design was practical and simple for a nice display setup. They ship flat so shipping won’t kill you. These are very nice enclosures.

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I saw a youtube video that featured them awhile back and thought the same. Glad to know they are well made in person too. Shipping was about $47 to me. Not terrible. The vertically-oriented ones look like they would be beautiful for more arboreal species (beyond my skill level but fun to dream about nonetheless)!

They were on The Herpetoculture Podcast a while back, you might try hunting down that episode if you are interested to learn more. I think one of the hosts has one…


Found it! Much appreciated.