Anyone keep snails?

Hey y’all! Broke college student here. Because of rules in my dorm, I haven’t been able to keep reptiles or amphibians. I have however been able to keep just little garden snails (they aren’t true garden snails; they have a flat, whorled shell, not a conical one) and I adore them. I don’t know what species they are (because I found them outside lol) but seeing as I have 41, I am sure that some are different species from others.
Anyways, anyone keep these cool animals? They’re diurnal so some of them (they all have names lol) like to have time outside of their tank while I do homework at night. They’re so low maintenance and fun to watch!


Feel free to share some pictures! :heart_eyes::relaxed:

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here’s my tank! you can see some of my snails in here (the ones out right now are drax, carol, fury, may, hulk, sam, Thor, mack, and Tripp). I got a close up of carol too! enjoy the Knoxville sunset in the background lol

I currently have 67 lol. They all have names, and all have marked shells so I can keep track of them. In a couple of weeks they’ll be moving to a 20 gallon tank (they’re in a 5 right now) with more plants and decorations.


I almost forgot- I also have a super dumb tiktok account for the snails XD
its @ 41snails but in a bit im going to change the user to @ 69snails once I get two more lol