Anyone know if this looks correct?

I bought this girl last year, she was marked as a Lesser Cinnamon Spider Ghost. I never really thought about it but now that I have I can’t find another with those genes or any that look like her.

Any ideas? I plan to breed her but I’m impatient and want to see if I can get some professional input! Thank you guys!

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if you could get a clear full body shot with good lighting that would help some with telling what it is.

Can I email you one when I get home?

sure you can. it would be a good idea to still post them on here to get more opinions on her. :wink:

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Here’s some better pics of her!

You are dealing with a few very variable genes and it being an adult size makes it more difficult (to me at least), but I see nothing that suggest you were lied to. That passes as a cinny lesser spider hypo to me.


Thanks so much for the better pics. i have to agree with owalreptiles. looks like it could be cinny lesser hypo.

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Thank you guys! I appreciate your help!