Anyone know what genes are markers that include zero caudal-tail black?

I’m pretty familiar with hypos with the reduction of black on the body with reduced head pattern but generally they still have caudal-tail black borders. I’ve had a couple different hypo lines, Salmon(tine) and Summit(that I can remember), I’ve introduced to my monstertail hypos along w Hogg Island over the years. Periodically and more frequently, they produce hypos with no caudal black borders- the portion of tail beyond the vent. I have noticed in my 2019s that it does appear to correspond with Super Hypo. Is that it or is there more to it? Do notice that it happens only if they have MTH ancestry but that makes since too since I’ve had that line of Hypo the longest… more supers.
Thanks to anyone that wants to chime in! Included- this seasons litter in question, with norm, hypo, other.

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