Anyone know who the UK 24 hour courier is?

I have seen Balls2u advertise a 24 hour courier.
Most other UK couriers I have used keep the animal for a week or two before delivering.
Firstly, as a snake addict I hate waiting weeks for delivery.
Also, I am sure they use the best hygiene and husbandry practices but…
I worry that the additional time of unknown animals together must be a higher risk of cross infection.
(Please correct me if you disagree. I am always learning)

Anyway, does anyone know who this UK 24 hour courier is?


Reach out to Gavin, I am sure he can help you out. He has always been very responsive to me when I have dropped him a line


@t_h_wyman Thanks, I thought it was a bit of a cheek to ask if I wasn’t buying from him, but you gave me a bit of confidence, so I will try. Thanks alot.


I believe you mean Cold Blooded Movements.
Zoe and Tom (the owners) are absolutely fantastic people!

I’ll see if I can get one of them on here to answer your questions… Plus they have amazing Retics they can show off :crossed_fingers:

We can always tag @balls2u here :wink:


I messaged Gavin, didn’t expect much. I was so wrong. He gave me more information than one of his videos. Genuine nice guy who just wants to help and inform people. More people should be like him. It’s good for business too. He certainly gained my trust and loyalty.
He also said he is planning a new video on couriers and packaging soon.

@eaglereptiles Thanks for the tip and the other post. I checked them out, they seem good and have some really nice animals.


Gav is a fantastic person. Were that there were more people like him in the industry


The video is out now.