Anyone want to post their 2022 pairing pics?

Here are some pairings I’m excited for this upcoming season. Feel free to share your own pairings! I love seeing people’s plans :grin:

mojave clown x ghi 100% het clown

vpi axanthic het pied x pied 66% het vpi axanthic

calico pos yb x ghi pewter vanilla

mojave clown x mystic potion


That’s one nice high white calico. Very tempted to add one to my collection.

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thank you! i got him from colorado cold bloods :slight_smile: he has a nice line of calico

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Quality of morph beats just getting the morph we want just to have that morph. :slight_smile:
That one is quality.

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i definitely agree! when purchasing an animal i always look for the quality rather than price tag!

Another pairing for the upcoming “season”

Super pastel disco pinstripe x spotnose orange dream vanilla forecast :100: chance of a smoke show lol hoping for some orange dream disco vanilla combos.


So cool to see what people are pairing. And so many nice looking boys and girls!

Missed getting the shot on my latest pair, I hope I’ll get it next time. Super coral glow x cinnabelly. She didn’t go last year with my ghi, but this way I’ll know who daddy is, and maybe get some nice corals with cinnamon!

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