Anyone working with lavender?

Firstly, them snakes are damn gorgeous. I know there are a lot of morphs and combos out there that are really nice, but personally nothing compares to lavender and piebalds. And you have stunning examples as to why.
Your pastel lavender looks straight out of a mario game… Sort of like Toadstools head but yellow.

I hope your right though and it does bring the lavender out more with age, I guess I’m gonna have to get following you and see what you produce.

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Forgot to mention but I will also be breeding a visual tri stripe to my double het lav tri stripe girl to hopefully make lav albino tri stripes!


@nathan_e If you can get that big dirty stripe down a lavender I’m gonna need to get in touch with a loan company :joy:

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I do. Have an awesome male that gave me a Dreamsicle late last year :sunglasses: and visual Lavs pos het Pied this yr


Took this a moment ago…He wasn’t shedding last night when I paired them,so she must have peeled him like a banana overnight. (Black pastel Lav X Pin Lav)