Anything special?

So I am interested in this female snake, and what got me interested in her was the third pic.
That little white “ringer” around her tail. Is that a ringer? I’m not sure what counts as a ringer.

Anyone see anything I don’t, or is this some a simple normal? I’m still learning >.<


Looks like its possibly a partial ringer. Light colored head and blushings on back and sides could be signs of a het pied or could just be a unique animal to dinker with in your projects and see what comes from it.


It’s hard to tell from pictures because of everyone’s different lighting used, but if that is not a Pastel from a Piebald clutch I’ll eat a boot (or at least a boot shaped chocolate).
The blushing is consistent all the way through the body, even on the lips and the alien heads are more yellow than the usual “tan” of a normal.


Better start eating a boot shaped chocolate.

The reason I was asking if because it’s an African import and I’m currently the highest bidder on it, and I went for her because of the ringer/dinker whatever it was called near her tail. I also thought she was just cute! I love her little head ha-ha


Damn, :joy: she is a little cutie though.

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I like it even if she does end up to not be a genetic morph and “just a normal” instead. That’s some nice blushing and if the colors are accurate on my screen it is a nice coloring to my tastes! Plus the ringer is interesting too.

Might be interesting to see how it reacts with the fire family of genes.

Turns out she is a he as well :woman_shrugging:

The bidding for him on the freedom breeder fb page ends tomorrow. I’m currently out of the running ha-ha