Apache has arrived! 🦎

Here she is, Apache. The Extreme Drippy Tricolour, lots of cream and even some white too. She was called Apache because the previous owners said her feet reminded them of an Apache helicopter and because her patterning looks camouflage. So I’ve kept the name as I thought was lovely :blush:

And of course Akira has no Boundaries :joy:

Now we see how they get on…
I will be checking in again when leaving for work :crossed_fingers:t2:


Apache is a good name :+1:

Love her head structure :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Any more geckos coming?


Yeah I thought I’d keep it! :relaxed:
I loved the name Marshmallow, but, may getting getting a marshmallow soon which the name suits better… :sweat_smile:
So yes? I think. Waiting on more images and for the woman to contact me on WhatsApp.
Then I’m done for a while as this girl I’m looking at isn’t cheap… Would be the most expensive Crestie we’ve brought…
I may be an idiot I’m not sure… :joy:


I felt they way with Kona, I wasn’t sure if I should spend as much as I did but she is an amazing girl & Strawberry loves her as a roommate.

What kind of girl are you looking at, another red?

I plan to not buy any this year :crossed_fingers: as I want to keep babies :relaxed:

My original breeding plans changed due to probable girls being males, so I may put some males up for sale later in the year, but I haven’t decided yet as may just keep them as pets


Great name and a really awesome looking female :open_mouth: especially structure-wise. Her pattern is quite special as well, will she be dark and yellow when fired up?

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Yeah, to be fair she’ll probably never leave here so there’s that too!

It’s worth it in the long run :relaxed:


Shes white a chunk too, shes especially for Haise!

And She’s dark based and she’s cream with some white too :blush:


She loves the new girl :sweat_smile:


Porker :blush:
She seems to have settled well having company for the first time :heavy_heart_exclamation: