Apparently its hatch week!

Apparently is hatch week here.


I’ve had 2 today also! :joy:
We had them all born on the same day 🥲
Cute lil harley! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@ghoulishcresties another one exactly like its dad lmao.

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Oh bloody hell :joy:
Some strong genes there! Grandparents etc probably same morph also!
When’s the next due roughly? :blush:


@ghoulishcresties For that pairing last eggs were 7/4 so its gonna be a bit. The 2 Harleys above were layed 5/1 so they came early(ish). So another 60 to 90 days lol.

I’m gonna direct msg you a few questions if you dont mind here in a few.

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Will take a look now for you! :blush:

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So what was the pairing and do you know lineage?

I have seen a pic of dad, but do you know his lineage and any info as to who mum is and her lineage?

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Baby 1 & 2 was a Harley to a Dark Harley
Baby 3 was Brindle to Yellow/Orange Furry

Unfortunately no lineage for these pairs. Both pairing purchases were more me not liking how they were being taken care of and then I got hooked on cresties lol.


Always the way, some people I feel don’t care as much as they should considering they have a live creature! Especially since they’re a reptile with certain care requirements.
Glad you have them! And I can’t wait to see more you hatch! You’ll have to get us more pics when shed! :blush:
A few here don’t have lineage, but I fell in love and they’re paired to ones with lineage so babies will have lineage. So if you do want to go further would recommend new ones have lineage for sure!
But they’re addictive for sure. I absolutely love them, and all the babies just make me very happy!
The sister to my holdback went today! Bittersweet yet again but she’s just messaged me saying how happy she is and that’s she’s settled in and already eaten! She ate here last night too :rofl:


Just means your likely to have a high ratio of kinder surprises :heart_eyes:

I’ve got a few here that have no lineage but I just had to have them. Makes it a little more interesting with babies :grin: