Apricot Gene, this could be a huge one!

Hi guys,

Here’s a sneak peak of one of the genes I’m currently working with in NBK reptiles collection.
This one is the Apricot!
Brian from NBK has been playing around since 2014 trying to figure out what this potential new gene could do. He made what was believed to be a Super Apricot in 2017. My implication in his breeding facility also began at that time and right away the Apricot gene was the one that stood out in all of his dinker projects. We successfully bred that Super Apricot male in 2021 to a YB female and produced a full Apricot clutch! You’ll find pictures of those Apricot and Apricot YB babies in the attached pictures.

The Apricot is a generally more contrasted gene, enriching the blacks and giving some light crisp orange tones to the alien heads. Those alien heads are a little different than the typical. They are usually more narrow and have two rounded “eyes” on top, which I often refer to as toad heads for this gene since they remind me of frog heads pipping out of the water. The Apricot also really boosts the contrasts in combos, especially with YB, creating a very dark and rich snake. The super form is an accentuation of those features, with more extreme toad heads and contrast enhancement.

We incorporated this gene in just a handful of other mutation since our focus right from the start was to try to make the super form and prove it. We also produced a Super Apricot YB female in 2021. This animal is exquisite! She is extremely bright yet her black dorsal pattern are so deep and rich. There’s a lot more to be done with this gene!

2023 will be an interesting year for the Apricot project. We’re introducing it to genes such as DG, Mahogany, OD, Leopard, Hypo and Clown.

single gene Apricot from our Super Apricot x YB pairing in 2021

Original Apricot male imported from Africa x Apricot female produced at NBK Reptiles. First attempt at making a super form (2017)

Very first Super Apricot made in 2017

Apricot YB from 2021 and 2022. Both coming from the Super Apricot male

Super Apricot YB female made in 2021

Apricot GHI Pinstripe from 2021

Let me know what you think of this gene and hopefully we’ll soon be able to bring some Apricot to shows like Tinley Park and Arlington!


original Apricot male imported from Africa to one of his offspring. First shot at supers back in 2017


Super Apricot male produced in 2017


Apricot YB from 2021 and 2022


GHI Apricot Pin


Super Apricot YB


I really like the clean look. The 2017 Super Apricot make and the Apricot YBs are especially lovely to my eye.


I like this morph! It seems to really crisp up a lot of genes while not completely changing them. Probably would work well in many morphs to make them stand out from the rest. The super almost reminds me of a bright Enchi with some added granite in there. Nice!