April 2022 VoTM Submission Thread 🥸!

Videos can be entered in the video of the month submission thread from now through to the 20th. After then, and this thread becomes closed.

Official voting (in a separate thread) will be open from 21st until the last day of the month.

Winners will be announced on the 1st of the following month.

In the event that more than 25 entries are submitted, the number of likes will determine which entries will be selected to officially enter the contest.


The prizes for winning the are bragging rights, and the VoTM badge This a competition to bring fun and activity to the forum, so let’s have some fun together, making videos that are entered must be tagged with #votm lol :joy:.

So here are the rules of the VoTM. :blush:

  • Videos must be posted on YouTube first and then shared in this thread using the link.
  • Any submitted videos must be your own or one in which you collaborated on and have rights to.
  • Any submitted videos must be over one minute long but no longer than 60 minutes.
  • All content within submitted videos must follow the MorphMarket Reptile Community Guidelines. (Purely educational feeding videos are allowed as long as a disclaimer is added. No live feeding video’s are allowed at all)
  • Submitted videos can be reviews (not breeders/sellers) or unboxing of products (not animals) but must be honest and non-promotional.
  • All submitted videos must be PG friendly. If it can’t be watched on the TV with children around then don’t post it.
  • Please keep flickering light/images to a minimum. This is a good rule to follow in general for videos as for some it can cause heavy discomfort or worse.

Have a wonderful day :heart:

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I had fun making the start to this one.