Arboreal Neonate Housing? (Corallus Hortunala)

Hey there everyone! I am looking at adding corallus hortunala to my list of species to produce but am unsure on housing for neonates. I already have plans drawn up for adult enclosures, but the babies have me thrown for a loop. Even if you don’t keep ATBs, any housing methods of arboreal neonates is appreciated! If you could, please attach photos (but it’s not a huge worry if not).

Thank you and happy herping!


I use this setup for all my young ATBs, Carpets, and some species of colubrids. The biggest upside beyond cost is that they hold humidity extremely well.

I don’t know if you’ve kept ATBs long but they don’t really like to perch on branches and such. They prefer a solid hide up high. You can drill a hole in a black pvc hide and use a bolt and a wing nut to attach the hide to the tub lid upside down for a cheap easy solution.