Are Goldenchild / OGS Dwarf Morphs?

I believe I read something about the Golden Child and Orange Ghost Stripe morphs belonging to an island locality of reticulated pythons. Is this true? Are they Jampea or Selayar?
Say for example I bought a male Golden Child het for OGS, would it be likely to reach mainland sizes? Handling something over 12 feet is a no-no from me.

I have a platinum super dwarf retic. What I learned in my research is that most or maybe all morphs have some mainland breeding and if you want a small retic you have to look at the size of the parents. My retic, Little Big Snake, is from a 6.5 father and a 7’ft mother. I expect him to stay a very manageable size.

Then I guess I have to inquire to the seller, thanks!

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Your welcome,
Be sure you feel really good about the breeder. I have heard of unscrupulous people selling regular retics as dwarfs. I got Little Big Snake from NERD maybe you could with them.

I was thinking the same thing, actually the example I gave was off a listing from them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Watch garret hartle at reach out reptiles. he explains the percentages of dwarf blood they need to be considered dwarf or super dwarf. he has introduced a lot of different morphs into them while maintaining the percentage or blood necessary to still be considered dwarf and super dwarf. he has like 5-6 breeders in his collection.

Yes, he does a good easy to understand explanation and gives a good example of why you need to know the size of the parents if you are looking for a small snake

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