Are Goldenchild / OGS Dwarf Morphs?

I believe I read something about the Golden Child and Orange Ghost Stripe morphs belonging to an island locality of reticulated pythons. Is this true? Are they Jampea or Selayar?
Say for example I bought a male Golden Child het for OGS, would it be likely to reach mainland sizes? Handling something over 12 feet is a no-no from me.

I have a platinum super dwarf retic. What I learned in my research is that most or maybe all morphs have some mainland breeding and if you want a small retic you have to look at the size of the parents. My retic, Little Big Snake, is from a 6.5 father and a 7’ft mother. I expect him to stay a very manageable size.

Then I guess I have to inquire to the seller, thanks!

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Your welcome,
Be sure you feel really good about the breeder. I have heard of unscrupulous people selling regular retics as dwarfs. I got Little Big Snake from NERD maybe you could with them.

I was thinking the same thing, actually the example I gave was off a listing from them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Watch garret hartle at reach out reptiles. he explains the percentages of dwarf blood they need to be considered dwarf or super dwarf. he has introduced a lot of different morphs into them while maintaining the percentage or blood necessary to still be considered dwarf and super dwarf. he has like 5-6 breeders in his collection.

Yes, he does a good easy to understand explanation and gives a good example of why you need to know the size of the parents if you are looking for a small snake

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Yea Golden Child and Orange Ghost Stripe originally came from dwarf subspecies.
However that does not meen that they will stay small.
If you purchased a male retic, you would need to work to get him to 12 feet. Bob Clark one of the pioneers of retics barley has any males over 10 feet in his breeding facility. If you feed them properly and don’t overfeed which to many retic owners do, a mainland male should stay around 9ft. Now if you want to give yourself some more comfort, look to a small female or a small female with some super dwarf for dwarf blood in her. Small females produce smaller eggs, meaning smaller babies. Always talk with the breeder, ask for photos or even better to meet the parents and go from there.

My ogs male is 4 years old and 7 foot at most. Probably less. Have to measure him. Not great at eyeballing sizes.

It’s speculated that certain morphs originated from dwarf localities, and certain morphs do stay typically smaller, like cows, OGS, and super phantoms; however there are no guarantees.

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