Are Mahogany and Stranger the same?

Sooooooo I just watched BHB latest video where he visits Wilbanks facility and they mention that Wilbanks thinks Mahogany and Stranger could be the same. Like can you imagine if people have been out there paying tens of thousands for stranger only to later find out its the same or at least very similar to mahogany? lol I mean I hate to laugh but damn that would be something. This is exactly why I dont think I will ever take that jump of spending ridiculous amounts of money on “new” genes. Ill stick to things that I just think work well together that are relatively affordable lol. Leave all that other stuff to the big boys. So has anyone else heard this chatter or have similar thoughts? I started looking at some single gene examples and can see some that look similar but also see others where they def look like two completely different genes. Thoughts?


Stranger is on Matts watchlist as being in the mahogany complex, but as we haven’t seen a Super-Stranger yet (that I know of or can find) it is going to be hard to make a judgement.

I’m not questioning @mikewilbanks at all, who am I too do that, but until I see a Suma produced from a Stranger × Stranger/Mahogany pairing I will be sceptical… Again my scepticism isn’t worth much.

I’m off to watch the video and see what his thoughts are.


Cinder is also likely allelic to Mahogany, something even the originator of Cinder admits, and those still sell for three to four times as much as Mahogany. It is the “new gene” phenomenon: rarity causes demand causes higher prices. If someone pairs Stranger x Mahogany and makes a SuMa-type animal then I am sure we will see a price correction but Stranger will still probably be more in the Cinder bracket than dropping all the way down to Mahogany bracket