Are my air holes too large for baby western hognose?

I have a new baby western hognose snake. I noticed she was getting some condensation at the top of her tube, so I increased the size of the holes in the lid to provide better ventilation. I am worried that I made the holes too big. The hole is slightly smaller than her head and the thickness of her body. I am new to snakes. Can they squeeze through spaces that would appear too small? I know some are animals are amazing escape artists. Should I be worried?


Most snakes are fantastic escape artists, if their head can fit through, they’re likely able to get the rest of their body through too. I’d be careful

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I’m sure by now you know whether or not the holes are too big but if you’re worried you can always get some window screen from the hardware store and cut it to size and tack it over the holes to provide airflow while preventing breakouts.