Are my Chameleons social or trying to eat each other?

i have 2 Veiled Chameleons. Frank and Francesca (im not sure Fran is a female)

This is Frank.

Francesca is a Tiny little thing I rescued.

They have screen cages side by side. I often find them hanging on the side of the cage looking at each other. Im wondering if they are being social or if Frank wants to eat Fran. (i cant think of any reason Fran would hang around Frank other then being social. Any ideas?


My guess would be that they’re curious about each other. If Francesca is small then Frank might be thinking of eating her but I’m not sure.


I think he wants to mate with her… :sweat_smile:

If he’s firing a lot that’s a sign, or they are stressed.
I wouldn’t have them next to eachother at all.

We kept out pair of panthers apart… Non stop staring and him wanting to mate lol.


LOL, Fran is about 2 inches . They dont seem stressed. Just sitting on the side of the cages near each other. Still, im fixing to upgrade Franks cage, i can find a new spot to set the cage.

PS. I think Fran is Female because of her Color and shape of her crest. Anyone know if im correct?


If the chameleon is small enough the larger one will definitely try to eat it. Ive seen this first hand. I know this post is a bit late.