Are PetSmart frozen mice good?

I was wanting to know if the Arctic Mice from PetSmart are safe to feed long-term.
They seem to get good reviews but from people who have only had a snake for a short time or they haven’t been feeding them to their snakes for very long. Thanks.

Edit to add: Arctic Mice are the frozen mice brand sold at PetSmart.

I can’t really help you but I can help you get an answer quicker. What sizes are they and are they live or frozen? From what I’ve heard sometimes they can have injuries and/or have freezer burn, it’s usually best to get them from a reputable and reliable source though I’m not sure how bad they would be from large chain pet stores.

I fed my corn snake for twelve years on their Arctic Mice brand of frozen mice. Never had any problems as I was quite particular on what I fed to him. However this past year I started breeding my own so I no longer use them. Even though they’re not the greatest when it comes to keeping their own reptiles, the Arctic Mice brand they provide works fine. (Just a bit expensive)

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From personal experience, if you can spare the freezer space i’d suggest ordering online from someone else besides petsmart…Its much cheaper, There’s a few good places you can buy mice from for about 1$ or less per mouse, and rats for about 1.50 or less per rat. I used rodentpro recently since they got some sales going on and got 50 medium mice(13-17grams advertised, but all of mine were 15-17grams) for like 47$ after shipping(shipping is 19$ right now) and it seems like one of my more picky eaters actually preferred those mice vs the petsmart ones.

But to answer your question, since i went off on my own experience instead of answering you, They’re likely safe for long term but i believe there are better options. Hope this helps