Are these all ivory?

Two separate clutches. Yellow Belly x Pastel Yellow Belly and Yellow Belly x a female that does look Yellow Belly

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A little more info is needed I think.
At a glance they do look ivory…but #2 also looks like it has dark on its head like a champagne might.

What was the pairing?
Depending on what genetics are involved, they can also change quite a bit over time. So what may look like a light snake at hatching can turn a different shade in a few weeks.

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The mother of the ones with the darker heads looks like she is in the YB complex but not like my other YB’s . I added a picture of her

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Older photos of mom .


They all look ivory to me, and I agree that the mom that “looks yellowbelly” definitely does. If some of those babies are from her then she’s obviously proven out. There’s quite a bit of variety even within two different snakes with the same morph.

I’d say the last female on the page is either a stand-out example of yellowbelly, or maybe there’s some fire or vanilla in there too. It’ll be hard to tell if all the babies are ivory though. I don’t think fire or vanilla would change the way an ivory looks very much.

Also, is the first ivory pictured from the Yellow Belly x Pastel Yellow Belly clutch? It looks lighter than the others, so it might be a pastel ivory.


I have seen ivory’s with darker heads like that, it’s probably not pastel. The first and last look really bright to me so they could be pastel as well? With ivory’s or any other almost completely white snake it is hard to tell for sure.


Yes, all are Ivory

As far as the second female not looking like your other YB, remember that there is very wide diversity in how morphs are expressed. Aside from the specific mutation gene, there are nearly 30,000 other genes in these animals and a good number of them play a part in their phenotype. It is also worth noting that there is more than one mutation to the YB gene that results in an Ivory homozygous