Are these clown? Mum with hidden genes…

Sire: proven/ Super Enchi, Banana, Lesser, Blade, Clown
Dam: harder to tell due to the Lucy complex but was told to be a vanilla pastel bamboo lesser we now have reason to think spider too
(Has a Het but the breeder can’t remember if it was clown or pied)
We have three babies that were scratching our heads at, I personally think clown but my partner is looking at the banding under the eyes and thinking just strong visual hets. I’m not sure if a Het could do this much pattern warping to the babies though.

These are the three we’re looking at and these are some of the other babies from the clutch

My thinking is that the strong visual surely isn’t a thing because all the babies are Het clown, and we’ve made lots of other clutches this year with the clown male that have resulted in things we expected to see. Normal patterning with certain genes with no visual hets.

Let me know if you need any more photos x


1, 2, and 3 certainly look to beClown Spider combos and the fourth animal looks to be a Spider of some sort