Are these Wood Mites?

Hi everyone! Today we were taking a look at our Viper Boa Misty and she has a few white bugs crawling around her enclosure. There are springtails in the room but I haven’t purposely introduced them into her enclosure. We use wood substrate so I’m assuming they are harmless wood mites but wanted to know if anyone else had any experience or input so I know to be concerned or not. Attached is a photo of her with several of these white bugs on her (I took the photo but now can’t seem to find the bugs in it.) They are crawling on top of her, not inside her scales.

I will update again tomorrow with a better photo, but I thought it was pertinent to get a post asking for advice out tonight.

Thank you!

Zoomed in with my DSLR, should be much easier to see.

Hard to tell from 1st picture…Second one I see one lil white dude that looks like a Springtail but I might be wrong. You think the Springtails from your other enclosure somehow got in the Viper Boas enclosure? It can happen ya never know.

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Looks like a springtail in the 2nd pic


In the second picture I see a little white bug, not sure if it looks like a springtail or not. But I also see what looks like the back of something white Under a scale. That worries me, are there any light or white colored snake mites?

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It’s definitely possible that springtails got from one of the other enclosures to this one. Zooming in I definitely think these are springtails because of the shape. I was thinking wood mites but they are much more oval and long than they are round


Springtails can and will easily spread to an enclosure. I accidently got springtails in a bioactive before I even added them.


That is one of the best case scenarios that could have ever happened, LOL