Armadillo girdled lizard

hi everyone, i’m mainly just a lurker on this site and enjoy looking through it to learn more about morphs, different species, and etc… but i have a question to ask you all today about where i can find an armadillo girdled lizard?? i have been looking into getting one of these guys for a while, and i’ve done a ton of research so i’m very aware about how rare these creatures can be hard to come by. if anyone knows any particular site or breeder i can buy one from, i would highly appreciate it if you can let me know or pm me the link/name of the site/breeder!! : )

Unfortunately we can’t recommend individual breeders/stores.

I believe they would go under “Other Lizards” on the marketplace (I may be wrong), which is still a new section and may take some time to expand.

Apart from messaging breeders that work with similar species, I recommend checking the Market every now and again just incase.


It seems this may be that extremely rare case, you may be in luck :wink: