Ars Hybrid racks

Anyone have any experience with the ARS hybrid racks? Thinking of getting some for ball pythons. Used the regular ARS racks in the past but was thinking if these are decent could save some money.

I believe @wreckroomsnakes has some Ars hybrid???

Yep i have the ARS hatchling hybrid rack. works great, pretty easy to put together once you get a rythm going. just make it go easier have some help :laughing:

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I have both an ARS 7010 hybrid and an ARS 7036 standard metal rack.

I picked up the metal rack used. It utilizes older style non-stackable tubs with built in water bowl holders.

The hybrid racks slide smoother. Plastic on plastic.

The metal rack is more stable when you have a heavy female in there. I got my 7010 first and I was used to PVC fully enclosed boaphile plastics racks. With the plastic hybrid rack when you have a heavy animal towards the cool end and you slide the tub out significantly there is a chance the tub may pop out of the rails as the plastic in the rails and the tub flex. The first time I slid the tub open with an approximately 4000 gram ball python it did this and I was initially disappointed. Since then I’m more careful about how far I slide it out when the snake is fully on the cool side… no big deal. The tubs slide into the metal racks a little easier and quicker. The rails are a thin metal and it’s just easier to line up. I do think metal racks are optimal but the hybrid racks are significantly cheaper. Freedom Breeders are the ultimate all the way around but you can get 95% there with ARS hybrid racks for about 30%+ less cost. Unless I snag another great deal on metal ARS racks it will be all hybrid for me in the future, unless I decide to spring for freedom breeders.

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Thanks guys for the info. I have plenty of help so that’s not issue. Most of my adult females are 3000 grams and less so weight shouldn’t be an issue. I have used Freedom Breeder in the past the only issue was shipping and how long it took to get from placing my order to actually having the rack in my hands, plus Cali to Pa shipping is a fortune.

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