ASF feeding frequency

In the near future I want to feed asf to my small and growing collection of ball pythons. Currently working on breeding my own asf atm. Normally I feed pre killed or f/t rats to them once a week.

Read that asf last longer for digestion so my main question is would once a week over feed them when I finally do switch over.

Are you looking to breed balls or is it just a collection? Adults or growing animals? ASFs are thought to have a better nutritional value so a smaller prey item might be appropriate.

In the near future I would like to breed yes. But currently just getting a collection up and growing.

Just was curious if feeding asf weekly would cause an issue with over feeding since the asf take longer to digest

Just pay attention to body condition. I wouldn’t be too concerned with hatchlings, as long as appropriately sized prey is fed. Adults should be fed less frequently anyway

Ok me and another guy was talking about feeding frequency between rats/asf and wast sure if since asf are more nutrient dense if it would cause harm.

My biggest is currently just passing 800g

And I personally have never fed asf but currently starting my own colony.

Appreciate the help!

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