Asphalt question

I purchased a male several months ago that was listed as asphalt. Since then after looking at other examples I am really questioning whether it is in fact asphalt. Unfortunately the person I got it from tragically passed away, on Christmas no less.

The problem is the belly pattern that is throwing me primarily.

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I don’t own any Asphalt personally, but I think it’s generally accepted that it’s nearly impossible to definitively distinguish Asphalt from Yellowbelly. I do have Yellowbelly in my collection, and based on that belly and sides I’d say you have something within the Yellowbelly/Asphalt allele group.

So if they said it was Asphalt and you trusted them initially, I think there’s no reason to doubt that until you prove it out through breeding to a yellowbelly or asphalt.


ok thanks.

It was the pixelation on the belly that had me questioning it from what I have seen it occurs along the edges of the belly but not through the middle.

I’ve paired him with my ivory who’s due to drop eggs in the next 2 to 3 weeks so I’ll know for sure then, as you said. Just didn’t want to be scrambling to ID something completely unexpected.

Thanks again.

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