Aspiring Breeder

I’m interested in becoming a breeder but don’t know where to purchase the necessary equipment. Any help would be great!

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I know you probably read this already, but still worth mentioning, the market is VERY over saturated. Most breeders are dropping prices just to try to move them. Sorry I had to say it first.

If just wanting the go through the process and plan on keeping what you produce or have family/friends that want them, then there is not much you needed.
Some sort of incubator - home made or bought. Something to keep the temps stable without fluctuating.
Or - let the mother do it.
Counters to hold the eggs and keep it sealed.
Something to maintain moisture inside the container.
Additional bins for when they hatch. Regulated heat source for each. And plenty of space to keep them for a long time. Money for food, bedding, extra electricity for heat and (hopefully not) but money for vet bills.

As far as where to get the items, Amazon, Target, reptile shops, the bean store. Most items you can get just about anywhere.

This is just the reality of it. Lot of breeders have cut back on producing just to move what they have and taking a loss on the sale just to move them. Just 2 years ago what cost $500 you can now get for $200.


Before I jump in with additional advice next to @d_y_python, I want to know why you want to become a breeder? Is it something you’re fascinated with? Is there a project you want to push or go for? Have you been watching a lot of youtube videos and think it would be fun (cause that’s how I got in lol)?