Assistance Determining Morph/Breed Type


I have recently acquired 2 baby Bearded Dragons at a Reptile Expo from a MorphMarket vendor in San Antonio, Texas.

I would greatly appreciate assistance on determining the Morph of each type of Dragon and the ONLY information for them is this:

Possible Morphs:
I am Naming the colorful Bearded Dragon, “Magma”
Magma was listed as a “Super Red”, and I have no other information.
Age: 2 to 3 months

Possible Morph:
The Gray Bearded Dragon’s Name is “Stormy”
Stormy was listed as a “Colored Witblits”, and I have no other information.
2 to 3 months

Again, the above information is all I know, and I would like to attempt to be as accurate as possible and figure out as closely as possible the type of Morph that Magma, and Stormy are, please and thank you.

Below I have attached 3 pictures of Stormy and 3
pictures of Magma.
If anybody requires pictures of certain sections such as the neck, head, nails, belly, or tail please let me know as I do not know what is required to determine the Morph this process goes.




Welcome @levibeelevi to the forum family! Those little beardies are certainly little cuties! I have no idea what morphs they are but there are plenty of people here who can and will help you! This is a great place to be so be sure and hang around! :blush::blush:


Stormy is definitely a witblits, not sure on Magma though. Not very good at beardie morphs and such. Welcome to the family though!

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Yep stormy most definitely a witblit magma I see clear nails so it’s hypo can’t really tell if it’s a leatherback or not my normal scale if the back is really smooth u have a hypo leatherback nice beardies

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