Assistance in morph ID with no background

So I recently snagged somebody’s collection that was getting out of the hobby. It was all free, which made more sense when I picked them up. I got this one Female ball that he had ID’ed as a pastel leopard but it looks like there’s at least a couple of genes in play as well. Thanks for any help!


Welcome to the community! It sounds like you have a giant project ahead of you and I want to wish you all the best of success! I am just a pet owner so I cannot help you with morph/breeding questions but there are plenty of good resources/people here who will be more than willing to assist you with whatever you need.

Stick around! You will love it here!



I’m leaning towards pastel leopard also only because nothing really stands out as far as other morphs. Yeah, the head looks different, and a lot of morphs go by headstamp, but it just looks faded. No “flames” up the sides. If nothing is clearly ID’ed, you must keep it labeled at its simplest morph that you can legit say. Not saying there are not other things at play here, but I would think it’s labeled correctly for what it is. Maybe super pastel leopard at the most. Nonetheless, nice looking snake. Also, where are my manners, welcome! :blush:


I suspect (but it would require breeding to prove) that the animal may have something in the BlkEL complex

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Pastel / Super Pastel, Leopard, Yellow Belly (POS Fire) is my best guess. Breed it to a none Yellow Belly, Non Fire just to be safe.

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Only way is to breed her. You might have a Super Pastel, Super Leopard. Worth breeding to something that goes well with Pastel and Leopard because it is 100% at least those two Morphs.

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