Assistance in morph ID

This is my first clutch and I have a general idea on ID for some of the babies, but I’m not super confident yet and a few I am at a bit of a loss for. All the babies are listed below with pictures of the parents at the end. The mom is a scaleless head / pastel and the dad is scaleless head / pastel / fire. I greatly appreciate any assistance in identifying them.





#5 - 2 pics, he wasn’t cooperating very well.







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Let me know if you need any additional pictures of any of the individuals and I can get more.

I believe you have the following:

  1. Pastel Scalelesshead
  2. Pastel Scalelesshead
  3. FireFly
  4. SuperPastel Scalelesshead
  5. SuperPastel
  6. SuperFly (possibly Scalelesshead, I cannot make it out clearly enough)
  7. Ultra low-expression Scaleless FireFly
  8. Scaleless FireFly
  9. Scaleless Pastel