Assistance needed identifying Fire YB Clown combos

Hi all,

I would like to get your opinion on two clown babies we recently hatched.
Pairing was Fire Pos Yellow Belly (Dame) x Clown (Sire), the dame was not sold as het clown but has accidentally/surprisingly proven to be this season!

I believe this one to be a Fire Clown, it is the lighter one of the two. Any chance of YB?
A very reputable local breeder said that this one is definitely Fire YB Clown, but I am still struggling with Identifying YB in clowns, especially with Fire

This one I believe to be a normal Clown, but the same breeder as mentioned above said that this one is definitely a Fire Clown, but would wait for its first shed to confirm YB

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


I would agree with that breeder on the second one. Definitely a fire clown, as it’s much too light and has a lot of flaming you wouldn’t see in a regular clown.
I won’t be much help with YB, as I struggle with it sometimes as well.

Congrats on the surprise het clown! Surprise hets are always great when they work out in your favor!

Post some pics post shed as well, that will definitely help everyone ID them!


Thanks for the help!
Do you think the first one is a Fire Clown as well?

Thanks :smiley: was a very big surprise but changes this season’s breeding plans for the better!

I will post new updated pics once they have shed

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Update photos of the first hatchling of the post, he was the first to shed.

On the belly there is one small area that appears to be yellow, which I know the YB Clowns does have.
Would you agree that this one is a Fire YB Clown?

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