Astro figured out how to eat. I think

So I read a post somewhere (not on here) joking that hognoses have one brain cell. Well I wonder if the post wasn’t too far off lol.

My new (first) hognose Astro had his first meal with me today. He tried to eat the pinky starting in the middle of its body. He’s so funny. He eventually figured it out and moved up to the head because his little face couldn’t fit the mouse sideways :rofl: Such a derpy boy. I love him!


Oh the good ol’ hoggie trying to cram the mouse in sideways! Definitely a very common occurance in hognoses, no manners, all vacuum. :joy: They are such little characters, very overdramatic and yes, seemingly possessing limited brain cells. So lovable!


Always have to laugh when snakes try that. No, your mouth won’t stretch THAT much, goofy serpent.

That’s a hilarious description. Applies equally well to one of my dogs!


My sand boa does this often. Usually she starts off trying to swallow it butt-first, then tries it sideways, and only when that fails will she finally try head-first. :joy::roll_eyes:


I have to give him credit though, he actually ate…I was worried he would be one of the many hognoses I’ve read about that decides to not eat. I weighed him when we brought him home…he is a whopping 14 grams. Such a cute little guy.

I guess I hit the jackpot with all our snakes; they all eat every single time. But then again, their rats are not cheap. I’m thinking they all need to get a job, or at least clean out their own enclosures :rofl:


Well kudos to you Gina for Astro’s successful first feeding! You are definitely doing something right and Astro is benefiting for sure!

I read somewhere that hogs attack their rodents from all angles and my little Martini is no exception! However he prefers to eat in private so I miss the antics!

Little Astro is one lucky dude to have adopted you as his momma Gina! He has a loving family because of it! Keep us updated on his progress. I don’t think he will stay at 14 grams for very long! :heart::blush::heart_eyes:


I’m so happy today. Baby Astro put on 2g since his last weigh-in! He hadn’t gained any weight since I bought him and I was a little worried. He has eaten every meal offered so I was surprised he hadn’t gained any weight for 3 months. He was 14g and is now a whopping 16g! Yay for my little dude!


Yay for weight gain! Astro is completely adorable there in your hand. He looks like such a very good boy.