“at least” or “+” marketplace filtering

I tried to sneak this into the grouping /“or” thread but it’s a little different and perhaps simpler to implement.

I’m often looking for triple and quad hets that have not yet shown up on MM. I would love to say start a search for a het VPI axanthic clown desert ghost genetic stripe hypo by entering the minimum I would be interested in (a quint possible het) and checking a box (either next to each or globally) that would not only match a possible het for all 5 genes but would also match any better combinations including 100% hets and even homozygous animals.

Right now I would have to do a huge number of searches to be sure there isn’t some combination of these five genes out there.

Not sure how possible het vs 100% het vs homozygous of a given morph are represented in the database now but if it’s some sort of point system this might be as simple as changing “=“ to “>=“.


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We have a whole redesign of the advanced search coming that will include options such as:

  • Any Gene Matches
  • Any Trait Form
  • No Additional Traits

Would your idea work for a search like “hypo or orange ghost” to all come up in a single search?

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This will search for listings with Hypo, OD and Hypo + OD

Is your request to ONLY see Hypo or OD… Without Hypo + OD?


Right now if I were to search for Hypo and Orange Ghost only snakes come up with listings that have both genes listed in their traits. I’m asking if a search function to have both hypo and OG to come up in a single search even if the specific snakes listing only has hypo as it’s trait with out OG or OG with out hypo.


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I hadn’t noticed but you are saying it’s treating hypo and orange ghost like they are two different genes rather than two different names for the same gene?

My ask is more about different levels of the same gene. I would like the option to return anything at the requested level or above. Like if I’m searching for a combo that includes het albino I would want to also see the homozygous albino version of that combo as an “even better” option.

Not sure from the names if the new features will do that without me having to manually code for “het albino or albino”. Would still be a leap forward in capability but if say I’m starting at possibly het then would have two additional levels to specify.

From an easy of use perspective a single “at least” check box applying to the entire search would be very easy. Then say I entered het albino het axanthic possible het clown with that option checked it could return everything from that starting point up to the triple homozygous.

Right now the search would look for only exactly that and miss out on the intermediate combos like the triple het. A lot of these higher order combos are pretty rare so not excluding any possible better combos would improve the odds of getting something back.

This would work with co-doms too. Basically search for a chocolate combo but if you check the “at least” box get super chocolate too.


MM treats OG and hypo as to different lines/genes. If you search hypo snakes no OG snakes will come up unless both are specified in the listing.

Another example is… Say I want to work with a dark gene where either of these morphs would work for my project so I search chocolate pastel or black head pastel. If do a search for them with the way things are now only black head+chocolate combos show up. My suggestion is a way to search for both black head pastel and/or chocolate pastel results in a single search and not necessarily the combo of black head+chocolate.

I get what your saying though which would be useful as well. Not sure if this relates but some times if I search for gene but want to exclude albino ill still get het albinos showing up so Ill have to specify each percent of hets in the exclusion part (66%, 50% and poss het)


Your blackhead or chocolate example I think is the other request I was trying to separate my “at least” request from. I see how it would also be helpful as could be applied to unrelated but similar morphs like blackhead and chocolate. It could also be applied to different levels of the same gene like 50%/66%/100%/homozygous albino to meet my requested functionality. I just think the “at least” option would be cleaner for what I think would be a more common search situation. Maybe it’s just me but I am usually sure which gene I want just not sure what chance and how many copies of that gene I can afford or even find offered.

Perhaps an “at least” option could apply to the exclusion list also. You could specify to exclude het albino and with “at least” checked would exclude het and homozygous albino but not possible hets you could perhaps live with. Or specify the 50% het to exclude any known possible het up to homozygous albino.

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