Attack of the Hydra

These girls have been extraordinarily active the past few morning, coming up to the door and checking me out every time I come into the room


Hail Hydra? Lol. That’s a great picture, I didn’t even notice the 3rd head on the right in the first picture.


I feel a bit embarrassed, I don’t recognize the species. Could you tell me @t_h_wyman please? Even though I have a bad memory these days, I still like trying to learn- eventually I’ll get it, by gum! :wink:


Nothing to be embarrassed about, this is a rather uncommon and obscure species (I only know of one person in he US that has been working with them long-term and been successful breeding them)

These are Candoia bibroni australis, the Solomon Island tree boa. They are more gracile and can get a bit longer than C. paulsoni, the Solomon Island ground boa, that most people are familiar with


Attack of Ghidorah! :dragon_face: :heart:


Huzzah, my ego is soothed! :smiley:

Though I was on the right track; I was thinking some sort of arboreal boa that wasn’t one of the few I’m familiar with.

episode 18 snake in a tree GIF


That is SO cool! I remember seeing a video of some of I think the Zilla guys attempting to breed them, along with paulsoni, but dunno if they had any luck. The examples you have are beautiful, definitely stand outs even for the species! Super awesome, always cool to see Old World boas!


What gorgeous pictures! They’re lovely animals and seeing the three together, all hydra-fied, is beyond extremely cool!


Great shots! They must be impatiently waiting to see if you are bringing food for them.

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They are ridiculously placid when it comes to feeding. They do not strike or lunge or anything like that, they just gently nose up to the food item and tentatively pick it up.

I have a short vid of these three individually nuzzling my hand after another interaction like this and at no point did I ever think they were going to bite me