Auction Listings UPDATE

Just a quick update we have run and completed 28 live animal auctions once the current live auctions close today. There are only THREE more currently in pending mode.

There were 37 other live auction listings that were previously sent to us and or other admins for donation prior to having the MorphMarket forum for use. We already reached out to each of those people with the information to resubmit here. If they resubmit soon we will run those but if not once we run out of posts we will start to wrap up the non live auctions and distribute the remaining funds amongst the nominated persons in further need of help from severe weather situations.

Add in the 35 non live (tshirt, art, etc) auctions and YOU all have already raised over 41,000 between cash donations and auctions once these close today. That is incredible!!! Huge props to you all helping our reptile family!!

Much love!
All admins with Reptile Relief fund!


@ballpythonshed You guys have absolutely smashed it!!!
Thank you for putting this together in the first place.

I seriously appreciate being a part of this amazing community, you guys are phenomenal!


you guys are doing something great!


Wow! :clap: I am so proud of this community. That is amazing. Thank you to all who donated and help create this fund raiser.