Australia Herping Trip

I’m planning to hopefully go on a herping trip to Australia in December 2022, but I can’t decide where to go. Any Australians on here or people who have visited Australia, where would you say is the best place in Australia for herpers?

Queensland would be their equivalent to Florida. So, if you want to see crocodiles, that’s your best bet. But, December is also the start of summer in the Southern Hemisphere, so aside from the crocs, NSW and VIC are still good options. They would also offer the big cities of Sydney and Melbourne, for other cultural opportunities - like a footy match!

Many of Australia’s “hot” snakes can even be found in the south. I’ve seen tigers and red-bellied black snakes just outside of Melbourne. I was told they have brown snakes too. But, you have to go north to QLD for the pythons. Brisbane is their Miami Beach.

Been a while for me. I’m jealous!

Thanks! I’d love to find lots of pythons, so I think I’ll visit cairns and brisbane. I’ve also heard some good things about perth in regard to blue tongues, specifically shinglebacks. Do you have anything to say about perth?

Sorry. Only traveled in the East. And, you can’t go wrong w your Queensland choices! It’ll be plenty warm. Plus the AFL won’t be playing in December anyway, it just occurred to me… :wink:

I highly recommend Kakadu National Park, in the Northern Territory. I haven’t been there since I was 7, but some of my best childhood memories are from the time I spent in Kakadu. Loads of crocodiles (salties and freshies, we saw some HUGE salties), snakes, lizards, monitors, etc. Also some gorgeous birds and just generally amazing scenery. Though I remember the bugs being pretty bad at times, so be sure to pack bug spray, or even one of those face nets.

I spent my early childhood in Perth, and remember seeing a few…I think they were brown snakes. Just chilling in the city. I remember there were signs warning people to be on the lookout for them in the park by our house.

If you’re going to be in WA and have any interest in marine life/snorkeling, I recommend checking out Shark Bay.


I will need to go there some day. Unfortunately I had to cancel my trip because life got in the way, but maybe in the future. :frowning:


Yeah, I think that we all need to go someday. It would be crazy if eventually some of us would on herping trips around the world together lol.

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That’s too bad, but hopefully you’ll get there someday!

I desperately want to go back to Australia sometime, it’s such an incredible place.