Australian Whites Tree Frogs

Put down a deposit for 2 baby whites tree frogs today! Im still researching a lot but curious if anyone here has any tips or tricks?

One is a snowflake the other is super snowflake.


Congrats! I know I’m a little late for this but I would recommend getting a large tank.
This species loves to climb, Being up high makes them feel safer, make sure to get many hiding spots for the little guys!!

Best of luck


Planning on having a full bioactive 40 gal for them when theyre fully grown.

Heres the babies

Pip (smaller) and Squeak
Hands were washed throughly with scent free soap before handling

Edit: they have tons of foliage right now. Theyre in a temporary 10 for monitoring and growth. Ill get pics! Isopods arrive next week.

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I have a Dumpys tree frog. He is not a big fan of crickets but he likes worms. I think I have red anglers right now. I’m having trouble getting a colony of isopods started in his enclosure but I have tons of spring tails growing! Lol!

Best of luck with your new froggies! :frog::frog::+1::blush:

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