Auto Input Into Calculator

First off, MM has one of the best filter / sort engines I have ever used. Your programming to database is very accurate. Want to make it a little better from a user perspective? Add an Calculate button on a product page that will auto-pouplate the genes into the calculator.

Here would be an example:
I am looking for a female OD - Enchi - Puzzle. I click enter the traits into the search or the options search modes and pull up the grid of available matches. I browse and see something I like and click on the link to research. The price meets my price threshold, so I consider what she would possibly throw if I mated her with my Bamboo Butt.

It would be awsome if there were a radio button right on the snake detail page that said “Calculate”. When I click on it, it automatically takes her 3 genes (OD, Enchi, & Puzzle) and enters them into the calculator program. Click on the Parent 2 field, enter Bamboo, enter Butter, and click calculate.

This would save alot of moving around and double entry of the desited genes into the calculator when you are just shopping or studying on your project. Just a suggestion! Thanks for listening! ~MorphyMurphy


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