"Calculate With" Button on Ad [DONE]

Would it be possible to add a button to listings that takes you to the calculator with genes already input.

For example:

Sorry @wreckroomsnakes for using your page as a example, I hope you don’t mind.

And maybe a ‘save this “parent”’, where you can keep the genes in “parent 1” during that browsing session and the “add to calculator” button would add listings to “parent 2”.


This is an amazing idea, would be kind of a game changer honestly!


I don’t mind at all :wink: I really like that idea of adding that option as well.


I could totally see this being utilized by alot of people on here as well as myself. It would definitely save the hassle of having to remember all the genes of the animal to input into the calculator and especially if it’s a multi gene animal and I like the idea of saving the genes as well for future use.

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Amazing idea, this would be so useful

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This would be a great addition!

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Any update on this?

I guys new here but thought I’d drop my suggestion, Id really like a way to select snakes from my wish list and calculate there babies kinda like how the compare tab works when buying in a online shop except shows potential babies anyone else think that would be helpful? And maybe a way to have a list of snakes you own and immediately be able to click 2 and plug them into the calculator.


This feature is done and released. Note the calculate button in the exact spot suggested above. Takes you right into the calculator x normal and you can click to change the normal side to something else.



Just tested this out and it’s spot on @john :ok_hand: love it.
Thank you :+1:

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That is awesome…I am going to use it right now