Auto resets to all regions

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When I change the location to US & Canada, it will keep defaulting back to all regions once I get out of that category

When did you first notice it?: I noticed it starting a couple days ago

Steps to reproduce the problem?:

Is this happening on the website, app or both?: website

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About your device

Device brand: Dell

Device model: what ever the crappiest and cheapest cromebook a school could have purchased last year

Browser name: chrome


Same for me as well. I’m wondering if this is due to the sale and popular listing section of the home page, but it shows me all regions now. Good catch.

I’m using iPhone 13 Pro and does this in app and also on the site. App version 1.2.11-54

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Region issues now seem to be fixed.

I assume the “popular listings” and “deals ending soon” categories are meant to be all regions, correct?

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Yep. Seems to have been cleared up.


Sorry, what do you mean by this?

You are unable to filter down to a specific region, and are only seeing “All Regions”?

Or are you asking if each region should see these tabs?

So, the “default” that I’m being shown for these on my Home Screen is all regions.

I can “view all” and manually change to match my region, but it’s automatically set to be “all regions”

Hopefully the pictures clear up what I’m asking. Just wanting to make sure that the default that should be showing, even after manually changing, should be “all regions”

This should be resolved now! Please let me know if you continue to experience any issues!

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Hey @brittni-admin seems that this is happening again as of the last 30 minutes or so.

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Thank you, let me look into it


Seems to be sticking now. When I select us&cananda and close the app out, it’s set to that when I open it back up.

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We released a fix right after you told me. We are going to release another fix that should hopefully resolve a lot of the region issues, but it is taking some time, because I want to make sure that I test it completely since the regions can be so finicky!


Thanks for being on top of it!


Seems to be reverting back to all regions again, just fyi

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Oh my goodness! Thank you! Not sure what keeps affecting this. I will notify the team!


I am blaming @gina5678 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Can I get a title for APP BREAKER? :rofl:

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