Automatic Aging Up

I had an idea — since you can set the birth/hatch date of an animal, what if it could be set up so the site automatically updates the “age” (neonate/juvenile, subadult, adult) based on the given birth/hatch day of the animal?

Of course this would need some input from the community in terms of general consensus on how old is considered subadult/adult etc
Like ball pythons are typically considered an “adult” by 3 years of age, boa constrictors can take up to 4-5 years iirc, so on and so forth

Because remembering to update that… isn’t something I’m gonna do until I have to try and do something like adding a snake to breeding plans and it not working because they were still set to x age :joy:


I like this idea.


I actually love this idea. @eaglereptiles do you think that this a possibility in the near future, or would that be a difficult undertaking?


This is a really great idea!!

The most difficult part would be …

Getting everyone to agree on the stats.


I had that thought as well. But I think the auto aging would need to be able to be overridden if you wanted to manually choose which age grouping your animal was in. Or maybe when creating an animal’s profile, the person could opt in or opt out of auto aging.



I like the idea of being able to opt in and opt out of this.

Because it would become an option, maybe you and the rest of the team consider asking the community to partake in a series of discussions and polls to figure out a good middle ground to base this off of. Additionally, we could ask the people share on their social medias and other platforms, so that we could get more peoples opinions. With MorphMarket being so big, everyone will have an opinion and want to give it. What do you think?


I actually thought we had a thread already but i was confusing it with this one.
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I do definitely think being able to override it manually and/or opt in or out would be a good idea! Especially if some individuals don’t necessarily agree on whatever “universal” parameters are set


I think this is an excellent suggestion! If there’s an opt in/ opt out, I can’t see any downside at all from this side of the keyboard.