Available Search Returned Expired Ads

I have newest posted for sale ball pythons search.
The main screen shows that they are available,
but when I click on a snake it often says expired or sold.

Search link https://www.morphmarket.com/eu/search?q=&q=&cat=2&sex=&maturity=0&min_weight=0&max_weight=1000000&prey_state=0&prey_food=0&min_genes=0&max_genes=9&traits=&neg_traits=&min_price=0&max_price=1000000&cur=EUR&epoch=0&store=&nearby_location=&lat=&lng=&radius=&country=GB&export=&sort=nfs&layout=grid

Examples when I click on snake and it says expired.

Example of sold when I click on it.

It worked before, sorry if its just me.


It does seem like a bug, I’m not sure what the problem is, it seems like a mislabeling of the ads on the system side. However I tried this on the US market and I couldn’t find a single sold or expired snake on the first two pages.

Edit: I totally forgot to check this earlier but I also didn’t find a single sold or expired snake on the South African market

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That’s prejudice against the UK . Only joking :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Search results are cached for 20-30 minutes. It’s possible that if a seller marked their item as sold during that time, this could occur.

If we can get a repeatable example I’m happy to look.

Except I saw the same things he did 34 minutes later. It would make sense as the example for the expired snake is now live and they were both edited (and likely switched categories) that same day. I looked through again and I couldn’t find any other examples.

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