Avocado tree wood for enrichment?

Hi guys, first post here So I have to prune the avocado tree I have in my yard and it just coincides with the fact that I’m ordering some good sized terrariums for my ball pythons, I was tempted to do biactive setups and given that with the prune and the enclosures I have spent a lot of money, I was wondering if the avocado tree branches were safe wood for the snakes so I can save in decoration and recycle the branches, it would be nice because I could choose a wide variety of sizes and widths and cut them to fit each enclosure, but I don’t know if the wood is safe, I heard cedar is toxic for example.


I think it would be fine but I would wait for some others to give their opinions.

Anyway, welcome to the community! We would love to see your ball pythons! Hope you stick around!


Hello and welcome to the community! I am so jealous that you have an avocado tree in your yard! I’m assuming you have fresh avocados occasionally on said tree? So jealous! :joy:

Somebody will have an answer for you because tbh I don’t have a clue.

And yes pictures of your bps and their setups anytime are always welcome! :pray::heart::blush:


I know the fruit contains persin which is poisonous to some animals not sure about reptiles tho.


It’s only toxic if they eat enough of it, which I wouldn’t think would be an issue for most reptiles.

I feel like avocado branches would be fine in an enclosure, but I can’t be totally sure.


I got super lucky when renting haha I still can’t believe I have this tree, yes sometimes I have batches of 15+ avocados, it’s kinda dangerous/funny having to dodge the fruits when they fall
I’ll post a few pics of my bps in a few days, no problem!


I thought I’d just ask, I was unaware until recently that cedar was toxic for example so that set me the dobut of which types of wood are also toxic, I think I’m gonna ask my vet about these branches
pics of my bps are on the way! haha


I breed mice and fed them these avocados a couple of times and they’re fine so seems this isn’t the dangerous type, but Im still cautious, I was worried since I didn’t know some types of wood could be toxic to snakes so Im afraid this type of wood could have something, if not it would be really convenient