Avoiding green tones in black geckos


I’m working on having a few small projects focused mainly on base colours, and recently I’ve been looking at black. However, with the rise and rise of the axanthic gene, information on black normal pairings is increasingly thin on the ground.

I would like a black pair, but I have noticed black can very easily lean into green/olive shades, and sometimes orange. The orange seems easier to solve, avoiding red, but what results in the green look?

I’ve seen it happen when the phantom gene is introduced, but sometimes just from a black x black pairing. Is it the result of stacking the black too much? Is there an outside gene you need to periodically introduce to keep the black as true as possible?

Any knowledge gratefully received!

Ok so bit confused on what you mean?

Are you on about dark based (black) based Cresties?

If so dark based (black) will fire down green, lav, teal, grey etc. they come in alsorts of coloured fired down…


Black based yes.

What I mean is that certain black pairings seem to result in geckos with the green cast, or even olive, and some with none at all, and I’m wondering if anyone knows what causes the green.

I’ve heard some comments about it being a result of black being stacked too far, but I’m just interested if anyone has a more solid answer as to why/how it happens.

Ah ok.

I haven’t a clue myself, I have Tricolours and Extreme Harley’s here that fire down green, or that fire down grey, lav and teal.

I don’t think it’s being stacked too much as I have babies here that are jet black based and from a long line of tris/Extremes that fire down lav and grey, but I have others that come out and fire down greenish.

I think it’s more random and what’s in the lines etc. So unless you can find out lineage far back then it’s a pain. But you do get ‘Kinder Surprises!’ Which I enjoy :grin:


A lot of people like the green, my main (first) boy Kaneki fired down a greenish colour, and he comes from a long line of Tris. US (Creepy Exotics) and UK (Extreme Cresties) Not all of the babies fired down greenish!
His babies are all random too, I have 2 here that are the jet black ones that don’t have the green when fires down, I have also had from him ones with the green fired down and lav coloured too :smile:

(Keep in mind when I say lav they fire down the lav colour, but aren’t true lavs as they stay dark through adulthood, true lavs will fade to the lav colour, and carry on with age)
Though I do have a lav from him, was him and Akira my red extreme tri. The baby was a beautiful red tri then tired lav :joy:
Safe to say I was a little gutted. But having a red hypo/lav is cool I suppose haha.


I definitely enjoy the green, I follow someone on Instagram who’s breeding for hulk green and they’re lovely!

I’m only hoping for one pair of black cresties and they’re for other projects that I feel the green would mess with. I’m seeing it happen slightly more in phantoms but that’s only through trawling other peoples photos (unfortunately my main source of research atm) so absolutely not accurate. I don’t have space to take on multiple black pairs at the moment, so I’m trying to find some answers before I even buy a pair in the first place. If I pair and end up with all the black bases coming out green, it would be a bit of a disaster! I’ve had some good info this morning but hopeful to hear some real-time experiences!

Also so exciting about your red lavender - I’ve seen it contested they even exist! Will be watching closely as they grow, I’m sure it will deepen my hypo love affair even more!

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I get what you mean!
Defo go for ones that fires down either lav or grey, I’ve found them to be darker… we have some dark based pairing this year, defo amazing ones it have!
I was going to sell Golden Nuggets sister… but with how black and clean/smooth she is I think I’ll regret it and the orange is so bright on her… it’s like it glows!
So atm im holding on to her… Their other sibling is also jet black…
I’m trying not to hold everyone back due to room but it’s so hard… :sob:

I had him up for sell, then he changed :joy:
I wasn’t keeping any males back either as no more ‘male’ room… :woman_facepalming:t2:
His brother is stunning though…

Down side to breeding… Can’t keep them all :upside_down_face:


I’m thinking the same, I love the greyish black so going to pursue that I think! Most people are reporting the best results from those pairings in terms of avoiding other “tints”.

I can’t even imagine, I’ll want to keep everyone :rofl: maybe I should label my home as a sanctuary so I have an excuse :rofl: bet you’re so glad you kept your lav boy in the end!!


Yeah I’ve got some lovely dark based out my darker pairings and no greens! But even my green toned hasn’t passed on, he’s given me all reds recently as was paired to a red extreme tri :grin:
Actually listed some up… Letting go of some holdbacks :sob:
Will probably regret it… Like I do a lot of them… :joy: Even now after a year I’m like I was an idiot haha…

I am, hoping he doesn’t change again. Though I really want to keep his brother but no room for more males really :upside_down_face:

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