Axanthic compatability

which Axanthics are compatible, i have TSK,VPI,MJ, interested in see some picture of offspring and things of that sort. thanks


So far as we know, none of the common lines of axanthic are compatible


Agree with @chesterhf
A little off topic but still about axanthics! I also wanted to say that this season(and almost every season) I see either imports or captive hatched imported axanthics, and it would be great if these were new lines of axanthics, which they technically could be, but they could also be just a imported line of one of the many proven ones, which would be so much effort to prove if they were a new line or not! It’s not like hypos where most of them are completely compatible and you don’t have to know what line you have. My advice on axanthics is your better off making 100% sure you know which line you have, or it’s almost pointless to breed them!


Yeah, be very careful. How embarrassing would it be to produce double het axanthics?


To the best of my knowledge

compatible with:
TSK - (nothing)
Jolliff = (nothing)
GCR = (nothing)
MJ = (nothing)
Black Axanthic = (nothing)


Wait, there’s a NERD line of axanthic for BPs?


Yeaha Right !!! LOL


Wasn’t there still a little hope MJ and GCR might be compatible or has that been disproven?

At one point RGI was closing in on a GCR test, any update on that? Once a GCR test is available hopefully someone could try it on an MJ. Of course they could still be compatible alleles without testing identical but something about the origin stories pointed to the possibility there was a connection, I just don’t remember the details. Seems like the theory was an early pied breeding might have included a het GCR/MJ or something like that.

If I’m not mistaken Mark imported some stuff from GCR so the thought was that one or more of those animals was het.