Axanthic (VPI) what genes? School me

Alright, I need some experts here. Picked up the Axanthic today. She’s a 2019 and 450g. Seller does not have parents pairing as he picked her up from a pet owner who did not want it anymore…

At the moment, these screen shots are the best pics I have. The non-Axanthic is a het lavender het pied juvenile male. I’m letting her settle in quarantine, I can get more pics in a few days. I just want to let her be for a bit.

In person she has a ghost ‘glow’, so I think she might be het ghost. I also see connected alien heads on her upper body, a heart shaped alien head near the tail, the fully connected black dorsal, and that tail stripe. What do you make of this based on these visuals?? Co-Doms? Other hets? Just a normal visual axanthic?

I know proving it is the only way to be sure, but your opinions would help shape my breeding plans.

I bought her simply as a female VPI Axanthic.


She appears to me to be a visual axanthic no additional genes. Also with hypo/ghost a het will not so any visual indicators.


I’ll second that she’s just a nice visual axanthic. I’ve noticed that some VPI line axanthics have a reduced pattern. My VPI axanthic girl does as well. Here she is:


@7snakes, Thank you. I agree they look very similar.

Thanks for the time to help me out.


looks like a regular visual axanthic