Baby Ball Python Enclosure

Just asking to see if anyone has any idea of what I can change or do to make my tank better or if it’s just a good tank for right now until I get a larger tank and am able to make it more of a terrarium

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Is the Royal currently in a viv or a rub?

If a rub make sure lots more coverage for him/her so he/she isn’t scared of being put in a big space.


I would add more hides that are small enough that the ball python can touch the sides, they like to feel snug and secure. Add several, at least one on each side. Also more coverage either from plants, branches, fake vines, cork rounds, more clutter and less open space will help. Some of my young ones really enjoy climbing, and will hang out on those woven bearded dragon hammocks if you give them one. If you’re doing a tank setup, somehing like this is the goal


Did you make that graphic?! Cause that needs to be pinned everywhere! It’s amazing!

I agree in regard to more clutter/hides. It’s very open, and having a hide on the cool side will really help! We have sanded wooden dowels that span the length of the cage so ours can use it as a jungle gym. I’ll have to dig out the picture of how it’s set up, but she loves it!

Alas, I did not and cannot take credit for it.

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