Baby ball python squeezing into tight spaces

My baby ball python loves to squeeze into tight spaces she seems to always be able to get out but once shes out she ends up with marks on her body where something was pressing against her body. They seem to go away within a few minutes but i was wondering if this is bad? Or normal or maybe its more noticeable since shes white? She never gets cut or anything like that and ive made sure theres nothing sharp she can hurt herself with but is this bad like should i be worried?


Marks like this always show up worse on a white snake.

You will need to address this situation sooner than later though. Ball pythons are shy ambush hunters by nature. They like places they can squeeze into and feel comfortable. The problem is, you want to make sure it’s a place that you can easily remove them from. If this is a decoration with holes in it, over time they can grow too large and get stuck inside.

Any decor you put in should have either no holes they can squeeze into, or big enough holes that they can’t squeeze.

You can always make a bigger hide feel smaller by using some moss or balled up newspaper inside to feel tight.