Baby ball python

I just got a baby ball python at a reptile expo,hes only a week old and i was just looking for tips on how to care for him, right now hes in a 10 gallon glass terrarium and on just paper towls to watch his poop and everything just for a litle ,he has a heat mat and 2 hides and a moist hide he has sticks and lineage ,i just want to make sure im doing everything right

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The setup seems fine but he does seem very young to be sold by a breeder. babies usually wont eat for about 4 to 7 days since they still have yolk in them and even then people usually sell them only if they are established eaters. I would recommend adding more clutter such as fake plants, a extra hide and so on to make him feel more safe and so he is more likely to feed for you. If he doesn’t eat it also helps to black out the tank by putting something like cardboard around the sides of the tank. I hope this helps and if you need any further help feel free to ask on this forum! Everyone here is super nice.


Are you sure he’s only a week old? A snake that age hasn’t even shed yet. They wouldn’t have ate yet either. If that’s that case you should have it set up in a tub with just damp paper towels. Once it sheds you could set it up in a hatchling setup.