Baby Ball Pythons Growing Very Slow?

I have a clutch of eggs that hatched in November of 2019. They were rather petite when they hatched, and some were a bit slow to establish feeding. They were eating mostly once a week on fuzzies and moved to larger mouse sizes as they grew at different rates. Most of them are the size of these two; the first pictures were them out of the egg and the pictures below are more recent. They now just look like regular sized hatchlings, but at 6 months old they’re small. I’m not sure if I’ve hit an oddball group of very slow growers, if they were just very little to begin with, or if I should increase frequency in feedings. I know all snakes can grow at different rates but it does seem a little odd. All of my other snakes have the same temps and humidity and are growing just fine.



They may well be genetically a small clutch, diet plays it’s part and feeding frequency. I would definitely get yourself some scales for weighing them regularly so you can keep an eye on their progress with weight gains.

Lovely snakes though and best of luck.

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Diet, genetics, size of the eggs, skipped meals etc all play a big part in how the animal will develop, if you hatch an animal that is 40 grams and one that is 90 grams, 6 months later there will be a descrepency, just like there will be with an animal that take it’s first meal 1 day after it’s first shed and on that does 6 weeks after it’s first shed.

I am one that does not pay attention to weight I simply make sure that everything is fed an appropriately sized feeder once a week (everything is fed once a week regardless of age, size or status)

Now if an animal is properly fed and however does not grow at a proper rate or remain skinny there might be an underlaying cause.


Thanks; I think I’ve got to replace my current scale as it seems to be sticking!

Now that I’ve looked over older photos of the eggs and now that I’ve compared it to a few other egg photos, I do think they are on the petite side and most are more round instead of elongated. Their mama was far over 2k grams but I think 9 eggs may have been a bit squished in there. Thank you for the input!