Baby beardies are on their way!

in so excited this is day 52 and this is my first clutch, but only 9 eggs. The male was a normal and the female a citrus.


much excite! Hope the best of luck for the hatching :slight_smile:

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Make sure you have a proper set up for the babies. :relaxed:

yeah im using novas old tank :sweat_smile:

so now your adult beardie wont have a cage and only the babies? what do you plan on doing when the babies get bigger? make them free roam too?

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I will sell them and then buy nova a bigger tank

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That is a good plan. Glad you will be upgrading his enclosure.

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just wondering because i bread a normal to a citrus what morphs should i get.

I hope you’re prepared for the expense 9 baby bearded dragons will cost to feed. They eat like tiny machines and just be ready to spend a lot of money to keep them healthy. I know you being young in years you’re excited, which is good overall. Just don’t overlook their care like you’ve done with your adult male who gets to bask on legos.
And seriously I’m not trying to put you down in any way. I care about the well being of your reptiles and just want you to be prepared.


morphs are beyond my scope of knowledge. I know they need light, food, and warmth haha. Im sure somebody will swing by to answer though :slight_smile:

You’ll get some Citrus some normal some in between the two but citrus is a color face not a morph if you show me a picture I can try to verify what you will produce

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And like m Said they cost a lot of money to feed please make sure you’re prepared as each baby can eat 100 crickets a day or more
And you need to wait at least a month to sell them if you are a responsible breeder

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thank you for telling me that a btw all of the eggs hatched

No problem that’s awesome